What Is A PeñarandaBFF Volunteer?

PeñarandaBFF Volunteers  -They are our Budang Galing Kabayans (BGK) in the Philippines and around the world, who volunteered and willingly pledged their support to PeñarandaBFF and its mission of charity. 

A volunteer pledge can be in the form of monetary and/or physical capacity. No application formality, no false pretenses... only pure, unselfish willingness to share, to help and make a difference in our own small but benevolent way... to a deserving kabayan's life. Understandably, that is very hard to come by in this age and time... but they are still around, they are everywhere, and just waiting for the right timing to flap their wings and answer their calling.

volunteer donor who wants to help out financially, makes a volunteer pledge donation, which is collected annually or in any frequency and amount of their choosing... while a volunteer donor who is willing to help out in kind, makes a volunteer pledge to help manage the PeñarandaBFF charity activities in their locality, in her or his physical capacity. Whether financial or physical pledge, both intentions are noble by the nature they are given... Volunteerism, built on unwavering trust to fellow volunteer and our focus, kindhearted, love helping people, and whose word is her or his bond.

Only PeñarandaBFF Volunteer Donors, BGI KLab members, and Partners In Charity representatives have the privilege to get approval for registration into the website "PenarandaBFF.Com". Official registration in the website allows them to view confidential pages, financial reports, forums, and the opportunity to exchange ideas and information, for the growth of individual members, and of the group as a whole. 

Click Here to contact and join us in our journey of a meaningful lifetime. 


We thank our "Partners For Charity"....

business establishments, local government units, people's organizations and other charity groups like us, in the Philippines and around the world. With your help and unselfish support and donations, together, we are able and will continue to extend a helping hand to more of our deserving Budang Galing Kabayans, their families and their children.

You all are Guardian Angels, answering the hopes and prayers of those in need in our hometown of Peñaranda.

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