BGI KLab By-Laws

Article I – Club Name

Section 1: The name of this club shall be “BGI KLab”, and by which this student club shall be officially known.

Section 2:BGI” is the acronym of “Budang Galing Iskolars” and “KLab” is the acronym for “Knowledge Lab”.

Article II – Goals/Mission Statements

Section 1: The purpose of the BGI KLab is embodied in the following stated goals;

  • To provide "Safety & Security" to members as much as possible, in and outside the school, physically, morally and emotionally.
  • To instill among members the culture of “Civic Service & Charity”, as basic human traits living in a civilized society.
  • To provide “Fun + Knowledge” to members, to develop and further enhance their special skills and abilities.
  • To provide “Opportunities” to members, through scholarships and confidence building activities that should help them become more competitive.
  • To give due “Recognition” to members who are committed to succeed and live up to the spirit of BGI Klab.

Section 2: BGI KLab shall abide with all PNHS policies and procedures pertaining to school student club recognition and all club activities, inside and outside of PNHS grounds.

Section 3: BGI KLab shall not practice any physically or psychologically abusive hazing behaviors, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Article III – Affiliation & Foundation

Section 1: BGI KLab is affiliated with “Peñaranda Benevolent Focus Forum” or “PeñarandaBFF”, a charity volunteer donors association of successful "Kababayans" from Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija, most of whom are alumni of PPHS/PNHS.

Section 2: PeñarandaBFF as the parent organization of BGI KLab, supports and provides the financial needs of the club 100%.

Section 3: PeñarandaBFF as a whole, officially founded BGI KLab on May 17, 2015 together with the following eleven (11) PNHS students as founding members (in alphabetical order);

  • Charmie Fernando (Grade 8)
  • Gia Mae Teñoso (Grade 9)
  • Jewel Andrew Salazar (Grade 7)
  • Joanne Alvarez (Grade 9)
  • Julianne Rain Bolisay (Grade 7)
  • Laarni Bernardo (Grade 9)
  • Mina Marie Ramoso (Grade 10)
  • Paul Ramoso (Grade 7)
  • Rachel Ani (Grade 10)
  • Reynan Bolisay (Grade 10)
  • Rochelle Joyce Padolina (Grade 7)

Article IV – Membership

Section 1: BGI KLab membership shall be comprised of 100% PNHS currently enrolled students.

Section 2: PNHS students should meet the following eligibility requirements to apply for membership;

  • Student must be currently enrolled at PNHS by the time of membership application.
  • Student must have studied in any Peñaranda schools for 2 consecutive years immediately before membership application.
  • Student must have an average of 80% in her/his previous year school report card.

Section 3: Membership in BGI KLab is open to all PNHS students meeting the above criteria, irrespective of race, creed, color, gender, class, age, nation of origin, nationality, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Section 4: Existing members shall earn “plus” credit points for every participation done in all major program and civic service activities of BGI KLab and “minus” credit points for non-participation without proper notification and improper behavior unfavorable and contrary to BGI KLab spirit.

Section 5: “Three Strike Out” policy shall be adopted by BGI KLab to remove undesirable members among its rank, however, “minus” credits can be erased by doing “Civic Service” to be decided by the sitting officers unanimously. “Plus” points cannot be used to offset “minus” points.

Article V – Officers

Section 1: The officers of BGI KLab shall be: President (1), Vice President (1), Secretary (1), Treasurer (1), Auditor (1), Business Manager (1), P.I.O (1), P.O. (2), Muse (1), Escort (1).

Section 2: Future members must have been a member of BGI KLab for at least one calendar year to be eligible to run for election as president.

Section 3: Each officer position shall have a term of one year.

Section 4: Each officer in all positions can be removed by submitting a written “Petition To Replace BGI KLab Officer” to the club advisor.

Section 5: “Petition To Replace BGI KLab Officer” must explain the reason for the petition and must be signed by at least two thirds of the total membership by the time of the petition.

Article VI – Elections

Section 1: Election of officers shall be held not later than May 10 of each school year and shall be called and managed by the sitting set of officers prior to day of election. Winners of every concluded election shall be officially announced by PeñarandaBFF Board of Trustees through their website PenarandaBff.Com.

Section 2: Until BGI KLab membership exceeds forty (40), voting by a show of hands shall be conducted. Otherwise, secret ballot voting shall be held.

Section 3: In case of any tie with vote counts between candidates, voting shall be redone until the tie is broken.

Article VII – Meetings

Section 1: BGI KLab regular meetings shall be held bi-weekly on Fridays, or any specific day of the week, agreed upon by majority vote of all its current set of officers. The president shall have the right to call an emergency meeting anytime she/he deems necessary or cancel a scheduled regular meeting.

Section 2: The BGI KLab secretary shall notify members of the agenda or cancellation of the regular meeting, via email, no later than three days in advance of the meeting.

Section 3: Quorum shall consist of two thirds of the current BGI KLab membership. Without the required quorum, no decision on any subject matter of discussion shall be finalized.

Section 4: Members who cannot attend a regular meeting schedule should notify the BGI KLab secretary, or the president at least one day in advance of the scheduled meeting. Failure to do so shall earn said member, one “minus” point against her/his membership.

Article VIII– Advisors

Section 1: There shall be at least one full time PNHS faculty or staff advisor who shall serve as an advisor to BGI KLab.

Section 2: The BGI KLab advisor shall be selected by the current set of BGI KLab officers whenever there is a need. The selection should be a unanimous decision.

Article IX – Committees

Section 1: There shall be a “Hogwarts Committee” whose main responsibility is to assist other member students who seek assistance in different class subjects (ie. Mathematics, Science, English, etc.).

Section 2: Members of “Hogwarts Committee” shall be appointed by the President, with a majority vote of approval by the general membership.

Section 3: Each member of the “Hogwarts Committee” shall have the title “Maestr” (ie. Maestr Reynan for mathematics, Maestr Gia for science, etc.).

Article X – Finances

Section 1: Members shall not pay any dues to be a member of BGI KLab since all financial needs for its activities is supported and sponsored by its parent organization, Peñaranda Benevolent Focus Forum (PeñarandaBFF).

Article XI – By-Laws Amendments

Section 1: This by-laws may be amended by a vote of two thirds of the membership of BGI KLab called for that purpose. All amendment proposals shall be submitted to PeñarandaBFF Boart of Trustees for final approval.

Section 2: Finally approved amendments to the BGI KLab By-Laws shall be submitted by the PeñarandaBFF Board of Trustees president to PNHS principal for review and confirmation.

BGI KLab Member Pledge:

“I, _________________________, pledge on my honor as a Budang Galing Iskolar, that I will uphold and promote the five pillars of BGI KLab and its By-Laws, with pride and integrity; that I will help build and keep, a safe and positive student group environment; that I will encourage fellowship, towards building strong bond of friendship among my peers; that I will participate in all BGI KLab activities, for fun and gaining knowledge in the process; that I will be supportive of my peers in the pursuit for exemplary honors and success in life; that I will embrace the high calling of becoming a steward of charity, in the future and for other young BGI generations yet to come; and that I pledge for the betterment of myself, for the welfare of my family, and for the service of PNHS and my community. To this I pledge, my word is my bond.... Dictum! Meum! Pactum!

We thank our "Partners For Charity"....

business establishments, local government units, people's organizations and other charity groups like us, in the Philippines and around the world. With your help and unselfish support and donations, together, we are able and will continue to extend a helping hand to more of our deserving Budang Galing Kabayans, their families and their children.

You all are Guardian Angels, answering the hopes and prayers of those in need in our hometown of Peñaranda.

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