The primary focus of PeñarandaBFF is to provide scholarships under our flagship program "TuTo Scholarship Award", to all deserving sons and daughters of our kabayans in our hometown of Peñaranda. We as a whole believes, that by extending a helping and guiding hand to the less fortunate families with naturally gifted children, we also raise their level of hope for a brighter future. More happy families, a much better Peñaranda community.

With that in mind....BGI KLab was born. It means "Budang Galing Iskolars Knowledge Lab" , a PNHS student club composed of all budang galing student in high school. Organized by PeñarandaBFF in coordination with BGI KLab's eleven founding members, all of whom are bonafide Peñaranda National High School students by the time of its foundation. Officially founded on May 17, 2015, its primary goal  was to gather all budang galing students of PNHS and establish a one wholesome, student association, or an "A-Team" in the school with the following stated objectives:

  • To provide "Safety & Security" to members as much as possible, in and outside the school, physically, morally and emotionally.
  • To instill among members the culture of “Civic Service & Charity”, as basic human traits living in a civilized society.
  • To provide “Fun + Knowledge” to members, to develop and further enhance their special skills and abilities.
  • To provide “Opportunities” to members, through scholarships and confidence building activities that should help them become more competitive.
  • To give due “Recognition” to members who are committed to succeed and live up to the spirit of BGI Klab.

The Five Pillars of BGI KLab:

Five Pillars of BGI KLab in Peñaranda, Nueva Ecija

Meet The Founding Members of BGI KLab!

BGI KLab Founding Members & 2015 Officers

Back row from left: Jewell Andrew Salazar, Mina Marie Ramoso, Joanne Alvarez, Reynan Bolisay, Julianne Rain Bolisay, Paul Ramoso

Front row from left: Francis Rachel Ani, Gia Mae Teñoso, Rochelle Joyce Padolina, Charmie Fernando

BGI KLab Fundraising!

We thank our "Partners For Charity"....

business establishments, local government units, people's organizations and other charity groups like us, in the Philippines and around the world. With your help and unselfish support and donations, together, we are able and will continue to extend a helping hand to more of our deserving Budang Galing Kabayans, their families and their children.

You all are Guardian Angels, answering the hopes and prayers of those in need in our hometown of Peñaranda.

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